Captain Henry Morgan

Henry Morgn Captain Henry Morgan was born in Wales, around 1635. (Exact date is unknown.) It is speculated by many people that Morgan was sold into indentured servitude in Barbados at a very young age, but nothing solid has been found that supports this rumor. His first debut in the history books came as a soldier in a British Lord’s armada named Oliver Cromwell. Cromwell enrolled Morgan for the sole purpose of the destruction of the Spanish for their mass mining of gold and silver in Santo Domingo. Guess their ability to work fast and hard was making Cromwell look like a fool! After the attack on Santo Domingo, the Spanish fled to an unknown island called Jamaica. Well, Morgan, along with General Venables and Admiral Penn follow closely behind them and swiped Jamaica out from under their feet.
Soon after, Morgan decided that the life of a privateer was the life for him, thus launching many macabre attacks throughout the Spanish Main and Central America. Privateers were basically legal pirates. They were allowed to attack and terrorize whoever they felt were a threat and keep their loot without facing any consequences from the government. Morgan took advantage of this and committed many heinous crimes. Morgan attacked many countries in his life as a pirate, most notably were his attack on Portobello, his raid on Maracaibo, and finally the sack of Panama, which was considered his greatest of all the raids. He committed unspeakable acts upon all citizens and killed them in a most grotesque manner, but was never punished for these crimes. Actually, he was looked at as a sort of celebrity and even Knighted and sent back to Jamaica as a Lieutenant Governor. Morgan spent the remainder of his days in Jaimaica, drinking, running his estate, and sharing his war stories. Morgan’s bad drinking habit got the best of him and he died on August 25, 1688. Morgan was laid to rest at the King’s house in Port Royal.


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